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Le Yoga au quotidien


Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga taught according to Yogi Bhajan, is called yoga of the awakening of consciousness. Ancient science, it contains and synthesizes several other forms of yoga. Made up of a wide range of techniques, this dynamic yoga works through the body to fulfillment and harmonization of all aspects of the human person. It improves the organs and functions of our body, but above all it awakens the creative energy potential, physical, mental and spiritual that lies dormant in us.

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Atlas Yoga

ATLAS YOGA offers: – A series of yoga video lessons that you can practice at your own pace, according to your level and your desire, at your time and in your space, you can take your yoga everywhere with you. – Coaching in the form of personalized follow-up to accompany you or group monitoring, in the form of workshops themed conferences – A community, A forum to ask all your questions and A blog to share our teachings – A life lesson, More than yoga classes, ATLAS YOGA offers a new way of living everyday life to respect, manage and build your energy.

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